What are the types of cigarettes

no matter what time, various crooks are always emerging, a careless operator can be swapped, deceived, resulting in huge economic losses. In short, in the daily management of cigarette retail customers, the slightest mistake will fall into the crook of elaborate design "switching". For cigarette theft, I summed up a few points:

switch features: high-grade cigarette was interpreted as the same brand of counterfeit cigarettes, or be replaced with a pack of cigarettes; target: focus on the outskirts of the town and the road remote along or elderly guard guard ability difference occurred in time: smoke; weak awareness of the noon and evening time.

switch type switch according to the scene into the scene. And circuitous. In accordance with the switch number divided into a switch and packet switch. In accordance with the number of people into individual combat type, two people with type, multi person cooperative.

switching means and preventive measures are the following:

features: camouflage advance secretly by an unknown path "appearance of the boss, carry bag, hidden well with the brand of counterfeit cigarettes, pretending to received a phone call, ask for an invoice, not enough money, for variety etc.. Countermeasures: don’t judge strangers, to be vigilant, eyes away from the smoke, to mark, attention beyond conventional requirements.

"lure" characteristics: racketeering, turns into battle, distract, return etc.. Countermeasures: correct business mentality, one person one knot, one thing one knot.

"while busy rob" characteristics: store business is busy, the store less manpower, to greet other guests. Etc.. Countermeasures: plus hire staff, double guard against unfamiliar customers, vigilance, stay awake, do the first money to the goods.

features: telling a false thing becomes true "can return, do not give gifts, gifts and markings to defraud the trust excuse not to request a return. Countermeasures: carefully check the strange cigarettes, brought the customer see cigarette packaging film has not been.

gentle trap type features: sets of near, climbing friendship, confusing retail customers, the use of retail customers paralysis psychology. Countermeasures: to maintain a certain degree of vigilance.

"out of thin air type" features: two or three criminals buy more than two kinds of high-grade tobacco, one is cigarettes, transfer customer attention, such as accomplices switch. Countermeasures: no channel into the tobacco, tobacco quality, not to be confused.

"supernotes confuse" characteristics: pay large amount of counterfeit currency, check the authenticity of change really smoke, found counterfeit money requires another pay, and will give up to buy cigarettes back to the owner. Countermeasures: it was found that the use of counterfeit money should enhance awareness of prevention, the need for alarm should be timely warning. >

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