Students earn good money Mastery is the key

are said to make money the best students, often see the stalls around the school, restaurants and food stores are full of people, no one would question this, all kinds of industries are able to earn money next to college. Colleges and universities in the vicinity of the site in particular for the value of the business, in order to compete for a piece of land can be said to spare no effort, so the business around the university really so good? Is the student’s money really so good? Today, the age of small make up a careful discussion.



in two large search classification information service website keyword "Changchun University shops surrounding a dollar, the amount of information is not small, the last week of new information online nearly 200. This is a real college peripheral shops, but also by the name of the University of the store, in a word, want to take the edge of the university.


the competitive rent high risk

"mentioned funding problems, the entrepreneur must know universities around the rent is relatively high, to be higher than the general urban housing rent, the rent would be even higher than the downtown shopping district.

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