How to open a shop on Taobao The 11 step is to open your shop more prosperous

Amoy Amoy Amoy ah, Taobao business is getting more and more prosperous, more and more people to join the Taobao market, the achievements of many of the franchisee’s wealth of life. A computer to make money, the easiest online, the threshold is the lowest open shop. Wholesale purchase, and then sell on the Internet, operating well, certainly earn. Suggest that you can understand. How to make money online, the ten step to teach you to open a shop.

second step, choose to shop platform or web site.

Third, to apply to the site to open shop.

Fourth, purchase.

from channels and platforms you are familiar with the purchase, cost control and low-cost purchase is the key.

fifth step, you need to log in the product name of each commodity, origin, location, nature, appearance, quantity, transactions, transaction time and other information to fill in the website, the best collocation pictures of goods. The name should be as comprehensive as possible, because the advantages of others, when others search for such goods, only the name will be displayed on the list. In order to increase the attractiveness of the picture should be as good as possible, it should be as detailed as possible, if you need to mail, it is best to declare who is responsible for postage.

log when there is a very important thing, is to set the price. Usually the site will provide the starting price, price, price of the project is set by the seller. Assume that sellers want to sell a purchase price of 100 yuan to 150 yuan to sell clothes. If it is a traditional shop owner, as long as the first marked the price of 150 yuan, if sold, and then a little lower prices. However >

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