Venture capital guide] 2014 four big money industry trends

"trend" two words, refers to the development trend of things. As the saying goes, the trend of the students, the trend of those who died". Look at the big trend to make a lot of money, to look at the small trend to earn a little money, read the trend of losing money. For entrepreneurs, to see the development trend of the industry, will allow themselves to embark on a shortcut to riches. The following is a business consultant for housekeeping, car wash, wedding, studying the future development trend of the four industries, we hope to have some help.

mopping the floor, cleaning…… This is a chore. Thus, in the eyes of shrewd businessmen, they found the opportunity to solve the problem. For example, at present all kinds of sweeping robots, vacuum cleaners and other auxiliary robot on the Internet selling. According to experts within the industry is expected, the market value of the family helper robot over one hundred billion yuan.

According to the

80 refused, private custom wedding is our dream wedding. Today, the wedding industry bigger and bigger, in addition to wedding, photography, wedding, jewelry and other industries, home appliances, bedding, decoration, real estate, automotive and other industries have also taken on the wedding of the express".

"children to study abroad, but self-care ability is poor, how to do?" This is a problem that many parents are worried about. Domestic training market

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