Can you be a successful entrepreneur Do a test

some people think they may never be a mediocrity anymore, some people do not want their status, so even have their own work, but there is no sense of belonging, because he wants to start, want to be your own boss, so today we have to do a survey, see if you have the quality of entrepreneurs.

Are you able to deal with the problem and return to a positive state when

1. is disappointed?

2. do you like to impress, sell yourself and your company?

3. are you good at organizing work?

4. do you know how to control your life and be disciplined?

5. are you willing to take risks?

6. do you have a lot of imagination? Do you know how to express yourself?

7. can you turn the negative into opportunity?

8. do you have the courage and patience?

9. when you start a business, your family can handle your state of freedom?

10. do you know how to fight for your beliefs?

11. do you like dealing with people?

12. do you have any management experience?

13. are you afraid of daily work?

14. are you reliable, do you have confidence in yourself?

15. when you really believe in something, you can not care about other people’s judgments?

16. do you have the ability to influence others?

17. do you think you are a dynamic and positive person?

18. do you like to work alone most of the time?

19. do you like to talk to strangers on the phone?

20. do you wake up every morning with a positive attitude?

21. are you financially stable? You should have enough money to support you for a year before starting a business. (22) do you finish your desk preparation – study all the information related to the Create Company?

23. do you know how to laugh at yourself?

24. can you easily control your temper?

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