After 80 entrepreneurs will dominate the business arena

today’s entrepreneurial army is growing, and the trend is particularly good. At present, only a few large enterprises in the country, taking into account the growth process of the enterprise, one of the 100 companies grow into large enterprises, the ratio is very high.

and failure, we can cite a lot, such as Mou Qizhong, Zhu Shijian, Gu Chujun, Tang brothers, Wang Dejun, Zhang Rongkun, Tan Hui and other well-known heavyweights. Wu left from UT Starcom recently seems to have been regarded as a typical tragic figure, was as a loser.

failure is not afraid, "fought" don’t worry, the key is the successor, including both the fallen people continue to climb up on, including no, people can not help but playing the luggage, a distant journey. Entrepreneurship, which will be the eternal vitality of a nation’s vitality and killer.


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