Children’s English training needs to pay attention to what

English learning is everyone needs, and now there are a lot of children’s English training class. Choose a good training class in order to get better training. So, children’s English training, pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

first, respect for the child itself has the ability. The design of English classroom activities must take full account of each child’s intellectual advantages, so that every child can fully participate in the progress, at the same time need to use within the child’s life experience and thinking category of meaningful, interesting and can participate in the topic, so as to form the target language environment. How about children’s English training? ABC English teacher in the preparation process, will advance the design accord with the students’ age, interest or is currently a hot topic to the children concerned, and the teaching goal together, let the children to participate actively in the classroom.

two, encourage interaction. English learning is an interactive process. How about children’s English training? As the famous educator Halliday said: "the mother tongue and the second language learning is a cognitive process, its form of expression is the continuous exchange of self and others." ABC English has always emphasized interactive teaching. In the process of teaching, students and teachers interact, there is interaction between students and students.

three, support discussions and collaborative conversations. In communicative language teaching, students should be encouraged to communicate with each other, to solve practical problems, and to reach a consistent understanding. How about children’s English training? ABC English teacher will be in the course of the students in group practice, will be divided into several students TEAM". There is a collaboration between each TEAM internal student, there will be confrontation between different TEAM. This way of teaching, so that each participant can actively participate in.

four, complete interpretation of english. How about children’s English training? Consider the child’s personality, preferences, ability, comprehensive development level, the use of story games, songs and rhymes and role play, so that children contact English complete system in understandable language environment, absorb and use the entire language, and the deeper the subconscious gradually understand its structure and grammar. ABC English in addition to teaching English learning methods, but also through English games, foreign classic children’s play, English songs, etc., to develop children’s ability to perform, English language sense, rhythm, etc..

five, create a relaxed, pleasant and supportive learning environment. Create a positive learning environment for children, eliminate children learn English in fear, support challenging activities and adventure, with associated with the child’s life interesting topic, cultivate children all aspects of conservation. ABC English requires that every English room must have a reading room, an English corner, an entertainment room, etc.

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