Fuyang college student village entrepreneurship training to help rural entrepreneurship

now college students entrepreneurship has become very popular in recent years, at the same time the students into rural areas of entrepreneurship, has also led to many rural areas of entrepreneurship and accelerate the pace of rich.

Sun Zhaohui college-graduate village official in Fuyang District of Hangzhou city

Liugu Bay, taste, shop No. 1 Fuchun mountain…… After the preparatory stage, the 10 teams participating in the WeChat platform opened a shop of different styles. In addition, the organizers provided 10 leading agricultural production of Dongzhou grapes, wine, sweet potato, Steamed Buns small hand peeling bamboo shoots and other dozens of agricultural products supply, at the same time for the participating teams, each team is allowed to contact, to determine the quality of agricultural products, expand sales channels.

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