Gansu girl Yu silver home business in the Loess Plateau to the Northeast Sika Deer

After graduating from

University, you can find a high paying job, you choose to stay in the city, or choose to return home to start a business? Most people may have a clear answer, that is, the choice of high-tech and urban. But the hero of this article chose to return home to start a business, but also let the Northeast Sika Deer in the Loess plateau.

"I just want to do their own thing", a deer flashing eyes can not wait to eat a piece of Apple hands chopped, 24 year old Yu silver face with an innocent smile. A Gansu Qingcheng County town of Yi Ma deer shed, more than and 100 from the Northeast Sika Deer taste the estate of Qingyang apple cake".

"silver" really neat, "a conversation after shopping with witty and intelligent and childish. She told reporters, to abandon the city in the year of treatment of the industry to go back to their own breeding is like to try and challenge, do not like the immutable life".

After graduating from the University of

, Yu silver has engaged in pipeline workers, financial company clerk, and later in Xi’an registered a company accountant. By 2013, Stephen silver has earned nearly one million yuan. And her entrepreneurial ideas due to her father and his friends around the entrepreneurial experience, the feeling of home here young entrepreneurs do not many people choose to seek a stable job."

speaking of home business engaged in farming, "silver" home side policy is good, be able to make money. Initial venture, Yu silver had planned to visit a breeding sheep, plum deer farm experience in Yinchuan made her interested in breeding deer.

"do something different." After the investigation of the status quo of sika deer in Qingyang, the idea of giving up the sheep was investigated, and then the local sika deer breeding was done. "Silver chose" spell ", has invested about 1200000 yuan to set up your love your breeding Qingcheng county farmer cooperatives, started his" dream of deer breeding".

brother is responsible for breeding, I am responsible for running the market." "Silver every day go out, busy farming capital preparation and open up the market. Feed procurement, herd health on trivial things also is her daily work very hard.

2014 in August, began to build deer park. December, when the house was built, the house has pulled back to live into the room. From the decision to put into practice less than six months time, hastily started". "Silver said, more than 3 points early in the morning of December 25, 2014, at more than 50 sika deer from Liaoyang Jilin province far settled in Gansu Qingyang Loess Plateau field room, her heart excited.

from the Northeast Sika Deer in the Loess Plateau, she worried about the survival of the ring does not recommend

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