7 strokes teach you to impress your customers with humor

communication is a learning, communication is an art, communication, humor is very important, humorous way, to create a better dialogue environment for you to achieve better and faster dialogue! How to impress your customers in a humorous way? 7 strokes victory!

1. try to personal experience as a joke material, avoid telling some jokes.

2. set up a joke file.

Interesting things

3. listen carefully before telling jokes

in the opening before the judgment about the other kind or style. Sometimes, humor is a double-edged sword, the use of appropriate will determine your final success or failure.

4. don’t tease others

if customers know you mocking the man, or just have a relationship with this person, it is finished. If the joke is reported, and this will certainly be misrepresented or changed, you will be unlucky.

5. timing, timing, timing.

6. self ridicule

It can show you a

7. uses humor to turn problems into opportunities.

humor can bring more warm feeling to people, humor can bring more happiness to people, sense of humor, you will benefit, sense of humor, you will be for a lifetime! The above 7 strokes, you master it?


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