After 80 wonderful entrepreneurial life

the following is a real place in our side of the business case, in today’s society, as long as you try, there is hope to be successful, so I hope that entrepreneurs now see their business history, can be excited.

started out to the society, have such income, we are very satisfied, when the new year back home, but also have a few thousand dollars deposit. By the time of 07 years, we got the certificate, the wine, officially became husband and wife. At that time, I would like to go out to do a small business, not to work in the factory, after all, that wages are not enough to support a family. So I look at what business to do, while working to accumulate funds. Which knew 08 years, his wife became pregnant, she upset the plan again, back home to be produced, I am a person fighting in Guangdong.

It is not easy to

2010 years, my wife gave the children to my parents in the countryside to take care of, and again to join me in the south. We talked for a long time and decided to start a business! Accounting for a long time, 10 thousand dollars, what to do? Food bar, people always want to eat and drink. We bought a tricycle, welded frame, bought a stove, in the street selling wonton. At that time a lot of small white-collar workers are bright surface, a bowl of wonton dinner will be resolved, the province’s home on their own cooking, imagine not as much as I put stall income. To tell the truth, the restaurant is really a good industry, how can not lose, but if you want to make money, it is more difficult. We sell wonton low cost, booth fee is low, so down, a month can net $4000.

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