A little tea brand big secret

a little milk tea brand to join? Look at the following Xiaobian for you in detail:

secret a little bit of tea shop surprise secret: eternal pursuit, eternal creation

one of the most popular topic is health, a little tea is to see this market opportunity, launched a series of the grains are the one and only drink, just to the side of the audience, received a warm response to Itani Mitsumi and health effect and loved by consumers, great investment and join the value.

enjoy delicious, healthy eating experience. Health, is now the most popular topic for most people talk about, and tea, which is a combination of enduring industry, has become a prosperous project. A little bit of milk tea stores will be combined with the two, its popularity is self-evident, a little bit of milk tea store unlimited potential, investors can not miss.

a little tea franchise business, venture capital is low, quick return of investment, promote the delicacy of 5000 years culture, in 2006 the company launched a series of innovative research and development of new products, vinegar drinks, tea drinks, milk drinks, fruit, coconut coconut coconut rice soup, porridge, etc. four Ji Jiayi business frozen rock.

a little bit of tea, the eternal pursuit of the eternal creation, become the industry "goers" at a little tea sales has spread all over the country. National franchise activities have been widely carried out, is bound to lay a good foundation for the next step to promote a little tea and mass base. Sincerely welcome the broad masses of customers from home and abroad to join and cooperate with us!

secret little bit of tea shop surprise secret: headquarters support, stable operation

technical training: professional operation team on a little bit of franchisee training, not only is the operation flow, technical process, more management operation, 5-7 days all teach!

store location: according to the local market environment and business circle distribution, choose crowded places, greatly get tourists, first to occupy more profitable space


decoration design: how much do you want to join? According to a little bit to join the shop window and the specific structure of the specific design, 7 working days of rapid design, fast shop!

activity planning: the headquarters of the senior planning team and design team, the development of promotional programs, to maximize the promotion of profit growth, continue to boost sales of


home with the store: a little bit of investment headquarters has a gold manager to bring home shop, to assist in training and operations management, to ensure the smooth opening

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