Creating space the entrepreneurial dream of a round entrepreneur

for many entrepreneurs, the first is to achieve the cause of the dream and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and strive for it. Hebei City, Cangzhou, the use of public space for entrepreneurs to open a new door to become rich, to achieve entrepreneurial dream of becoming rich.

for entrepreneurs to build a dream platform, stimulate entrepreneurial new vitality, the canal zone into the public record space, green space.

multi-creation space is a business incubator platform to create the first canal zone in the city of Cangzhou high-tech business incubator, cultural creative industry center, Youth Innovation Base in one of the total area of nearly 20 thousand square meters. Green space is the first province to have the background to the public record space project, by canal district government and the University of International Business and Economics green entrepreneurship research center jointly set up, to a customer as the core, from policy, capital, technology and talent advantages, service innovation, build a new engine for economic development.

the public record for the full service space and green space, the area to provide nanny services for entrepreneurs. Infrastructure, entrepreneurial platform for the entrepreneurial team to enter the venue and provide a variety of basic office equipment services, in order to create customers who save money, but also provides a convenient and efficient office environment. Policy support, in addition to entrepreneurs compiled the entrepreneurship policy manual, relief office space rental and other infrastructure support, also opened a license for the entire two deputy Easy Access business platform, set up special personnel to assist the enterprises to apply for the relevant license. In addition, actively docking employment, financial institutions, for individuals or businesses to apply for small loans, providing legal advice, accounting agents and other services.

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