How to have a difficult time the early start of the whole

what the beginning is difficult, everything is hard in the beginning, entrepreneurship is more so, at the beginning there will be many twists and turns, for the early entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship at the beginning of May is a stage of their most difficult, there is no fixed consumer groups, do not know where to make the effort, then, for them how to spend hard early days?

1, with a good idea to start

this may seem simple, but whether it’s a good idea or a new product or a new service. With a powerful idea, half the basic success. If you can have a great idea, and determine the appropriate marketing market, then the company will be able to order in a profitable State, and attract a large number of investors, into a virtuous circle model.

if you think your idea is not good enough, or its market potential is not great. This idea can also be carried out in general, but it is somewhat deviated from the axis". If you want to put it into practice, unless you are lucky, or you will spend the money.

2, look for the best member

support the idea of the team is very important for the good operation of the company. The company is still in the start-up stage, the initial ten employees are usually very suitable for this stage: they can be comprehensive, and flexible mechanism, very innovative. So that’s when you’re in a business, you want your team to be made up of a group of enterprising people who can work all the time and work efficiently.

but with the development of the company, the number of talents you need will be gradually reduced, and gradually replaced by professionals in various fields. The people you need to grow up to be able to provide technical support for your products, professional sales ability. You need both the operation and management team. And these people in the field of expertise must be very good, because the starting stage can not tolerate any mistakes.

if the idea of a start-up company is not particularly competitive, but the team is firm unity, access to investment opportunities will increase. Remember, however, that the first batch of people you hire and the people you work with ten years later may not be quite the same.

3, MBA learning is not necessarily

educational background is at best an indicator of personal ability. But it is important to understand that the lack of educational experience does not prove the lack of ability. Although hiring from top universities is a simple way to get good employees, there are still a lot of high quality people who don’t have a Harvard Business School

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