You don’t need to open retail stores selling shops without commodity

now the retail store needs not only facing the super competition, as well as numerous competitors, therefore, to attract customers, you need to have some characteristics, but don’t shop no goods business is a business strategy. My shop is in the same shop. I am in the location of the earth is not an advantage, then I can only in the goods and services to complete the attitude of the article.

first, I often visited the neighboring shop investigation observation, their shop goods and is usually what disadvantages, each family needs to goods, I have no such counterparts into the purchase of goods, in order to compete with their peers of the shop. Just open the bottle, they several supermarkets are not, because when the bottle into the purchase, the dealer is not refundable exchange, but also is fragile, so the other store are not such goods, they are not my shop, this kind of natural customers will become my shop hidden customers.

there is food, oil, other stores that these goods occupy the store area, but not much profit. And I think that the profit is not much and less, as long as there is a profit. A commodity profit again big, but it does not sell, half a year to sell out, then the profits of the commodity is also equal to zero.

and food, oil is a necessary thing for each household, although a bag of rice is only a small profit, but it is fast, naturally I will earn more. The neighbor’s children to buy small toys, small decals, cost only a few cents, I send her a not money anyway, but their parents are guilty, then I in here to buy a pack of cigarettes, it does not cost me up, little made greater than these small cost profit.

some customers because of busy work, know to eat edible oil at home in the home is not, I come here to buy a few pounds of edible oil, and then take a few bottles of beer, beer profit is certainly better than edible oil profit more. If I do not have to eat these families have to eat grain and oil, then the store will not be popular. Since the grain and oil projects, all the goods in the store are along with the trend!

even if the competition is fierce, but has its own set of small business methods, can have their own business strategy, business can also be hot development, so as to bring more lucrative returns to operators. If you are the owner of a retail store, now you know how to operate it?

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