College students to do a few strokes to teach you how to invest in venture loans and specific detail

is now a lot of college students after graduation to choose the path of independent entrepreneurship, but because of the very limited funds in the hands of just graduated, the state has given them a lot of help. Under the encouragement of the national policy, more and more flexible forms of employment of college graduates, graduates can start their own business is a good form of employment. For college graduates to start their own businesses also provide a preferential loan policy, below to tell you about the details of the graduates and their own business loans.


A, qualification:

two, the loan period:

State University graduates to provide small business loans are government subsidized loans, the period of 1 to 2 years, 2 years later, no longer enjoy financial discount.

three, loans:


the specific operational measures to local labor and Social Security Bureau consultation. In addition, according to the college students’ Entrepreneurship and other preferential policies, such as self-employed, within 1 years from the registration and management of administrative fees; self employment, self occupation also will account file hosting service center in the city college graduates employment guidance. The specific policies for college graduates to start their own businesses should consult the relevant departments.

Business loans of up to 50 thousand


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