Do you have any special promotion skills in a clothing store

clothing industry has always been the focus of attention of entrepreneurs in the field. How to spend as little money as possible, to achieve the best promotional effect, is the hope that each seller. What is a good dress to open a clothing store also has a special promotional skills.


clothing to join what? Open a clothing store, with limited ideas to highlight the tight promotional resources, enhance the promotion of the sense of value, in terms of investment can not talk about cost is the best, if not the relevant input requirements, the available "replacement" way to control the cost.

With the replacement of

for replacement. You know, can bring benefits to the clothing store is not only the form of money and goods, good form of activity is also able to bring benefits to the clothing store. For example, to gather popularity, with other categories of clothing store sales. In particular, such as "road show", "live demonstration", "knowledge seminars" and other activities that are easy to attract consumers.


clothing to join what? Open a clothing store, from the perspective of the law of value, the value of things and inversely proportional to the number of. In other words, the more scarce the material, the higher its value, the lower the. This is also true of the promotion. Therefore, the supplier should as far as possible to limit the promotion, to enhance the value of the promotion itself. The promotion will be limited to the following forms:

limited stores. Even in the same system in different stores, there is competition. If the other stores to get a promotion policy, but "not out", for the various stores belong to a system, is a very "losing face".

clothing system between small interest groups to join the competition, sometimes even more than the competition between different clothing store, ifheavier. So, don’t try to fix the whole, is also a good way to crush one by one.


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