To help clean appliances cleaning prospects

broad market, the potential of the brand to join the project choice, do everything in the home to help clean up the project. In fact, the choice of entrepreneurship to join hundreds of cleaning appliances to help clean up the project, is also a very good choice. Today, the home appliance market is very broad, successful business is also very worthy of trust!

Jie Jie home appliance cleaning has an attractive way of doing business – no shop operators, investors need to learn to wash their own micro water and home appliance cleaning and cleaning of the core technology, even if the store does not open, but also revenue. In a cell or an office building as the starting point, gradually expand the customer base, can still make a big cities nearly 2 billion units of home appliances, even if only 20% of the time cleaning, even if a service is 50 yuan, four per household electrical appliances, do a clean 200 yuan, various provinces and cities in four hundred million families.

100 clean help cleaning appliances has always adhere to their own commitments to spread the green and healthy life Home Furnishing culture, the constant pursuit of higher quality, better cleaning services; to promote the development of Chinese household cleaning market, build a healthy living environment for every family. Really into the villages and towns, rural areas, every ordinary people’s home. Mentor is expected in 2010, the total sales market size will exceed 10000 yuan, of which the city accounted for 65%, accounting for rural areas accounted for 35%.

help cleaning appliances cleaning appliances cleaning services mainly for some of the existing flow characterized by stragglers and disbanded soldiers, met, called flow operation and quality of service without security, can not be traced, even so that consumers often inexplicably additional cost. At the same time, nearly 63% of consumers surveyed said that if there are specialized in household appliances cleaning Brand Company, they are willing to accept service.

1, with good business reputation.

2, have a certain terminal operation management experience and management awareness.

3, have a certain amount of capital investment capacity.

4, identity and acceptance of Jie Jie home appliance cleaning brand concept and market concept, abide by the terms of the contract.

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