The language specification in place stores to

language as an important tool for people to communicate, whether the business can be reached, but played a very important role. As the saying goes, good business is not made, the language is not in place". Visible, the role of language in the business transaction process is very obvious. Although we are self-employed retail customers, but in the idioms, and standard terms, but also to learn from some shopping practices, because the language specification, will make people feel warm, can increase the business image or charm, have affinity, good reputation.

of course, this is our retail customers in the business process is easy to overlook the small details. Some retail customers in the life form is not too good, sometimes, "pet phrase" process in dealing with consumers, "said can be inadvertently exposed." this is not good, sometimes "pet phrase" not only affect the business image, sometimes can offend the customer manager he is in the dark".

so that the operators in the business process, to consciously use civilized language, not verbal lax, freedom, he speak, let the consumer feel you lack of self-control, and shake their determination to buy goods.

in this street, there is a retail customers, many people know him "bad", a few days ago, because it did not pay attention to good way, and the customer had a quarrel, the customer to buy goods all scared away. I heard that these days the business has been greatly affected, he does not pay attention to the language of the standard way, became the operator of this street education staff of the negative material".

the same thing, different ways of speaking, the results may be very different. Therefore, we should develop some operators of language, using standard terminology some services, this can not only improve managers’ quality, at the same time, also can make customers feel you here to your specifications, the sales of goods to produce a sense of trust, and the trust is the driving force for customers to buy.

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