Bone soup is a good selection of venture capital to join highlights of the

in today’s society, many people love to taste the delicious soup bones, the nutritional value of bone soup by modern people is very good, is the hot pot head of modern project, now choose to burn the bones can open up new opportunities to join the delicacy, choose to burn the bones to join, can open the infinite wealth.

health nutrition is not enough, but also pay attention to the development of the characteristics of taste, with the best taste to protect people’s needs, deeply loved. Delicious soup pot head with the simple method of instant hot, hot dishes to the world wide selection, Feng Jian optional economic benefits, not only reflects the characteristics of time saving, saving pot head, delicious, nutrition ", and also covers the China dishes mainly to taste characteristics," Feng Jian, can can be fast or slow ".

now what business can make money? A health soup chain is a good choice! People are now living conditions are good, more money, of course, for their own maintenance becomes more seriously, therefore, the investment to open a health soup chain but very market


open a health soup pot chain is a good idea. For example, a monthly income of about 100000 yuan of "Tang Nanjing week", Gongqiang has reached millions of assets. Is preparing to open stores or other stores in the city, let all the people to taste his "Zhou bone soup". Another example is the opening of the Hubei Province Zhang Zhang Kee chicken soup restaurant business is not the same fire. Also heard that Wuhan District of Wuchang City, there is an old house odd flavor of bone soup by local diners praise for the invincible. Can be seen that these successful people, success can not be separated from the soup. Good soup Liao but do need to really work, which is of wonderful smelly chord machine.

the use of modern food science and technology soup, is the first person who wants to be successful.

1, the main use of poultry, livestock bone processing and deep processing, not only low cost and high nutritional value.

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2, as described above, the technology is still in the traditional technology is still in its initial stage, coarse and heavy consumption of power, time and energy consumption status.

3, the form of production determines the touch. The pot soup can, but the chain logistics distribution exist a lot of problems. For example, the quality problems such as long-distance freight transport more expensive than soup soup.

4, only selling soup value is too low. By means of science and technology made of fresh bone paste and other sewing raw materials, bone soup, sauce powder, concentrated solid frozen soup, added value can be increased by several times or even several times, and low cost, sanitation, convenience, shelf life at room temperature. For example, soup powder or concentrated solid soup with boiling water washed into frozen soup a bowl of delicious authentic. In fact, like soup powder or concentrated solid soup frozen this kind of product is only one of the series of products of bone, but as used in the soup pot shop chain project, only.

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