A few of the men’s shop success story sharing

students is an entrepreneurial form a very popular now, many college students have to be self-employed, along with the development of social economy more and more people to join the business boom, their active thinking, have their own ideas, hope to be able to change the world through their own efforts, so they are more inclined to self employment this often bring a sense of achievement and wealth for them, the protagonist is a student to have such thoughts.

27 year old partner Wang Nengqiang said, three clear division of labor, on behalf of Juan Di is responsible for the design of other people responsible for looking for master customized and post sales customer base, located in about 30 years, there is a certain economic base and young men, "the shop clothing is a single product, not mass production". Allegedly, their clothing art breath, unique style, can sell sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan per quarter, of which 70% for private custom.

them the latest release is the theme of "Qiyan", meaning "perched on the rocks, hiding in the mountains", advocating freedom and integrity. The reporter saw, cotton fabric, plain white breasted, dark color, the style of clothing showing elegant and clever fairies.

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