How to join the Huangpu District happy lemon Brand

said to join the world drink hot investment projects have Huangpu District happy lemon, has been a long-term development, word of mouth, Huangpu District has happy lemon is now a popular project, since it entered South Korea China market, have successful development experience the unique advantages of the products and the fast sweeping drinks industry and market attention, as many franchisees fancied. So, how to join this project?.

1, understand the reservation. If you want to join the Huangpu District happy lemon, businesses must first understand the brand, can be related to the site to join the message, or contact us directly to obtain relevant information. At the same time, you can also visit the headquarters of the field, and to determine the intention of cooperation. After the signing of the contract can be signed with the advance deposit, and pay a deposit.

2, site signing. The headquarters will send someone negotiate price location, businesses can pre select several promising sites, headquarters experts will conduct a detailed investigation and Analysis on the values of these shops, choose the best shops. After a detailed investigation of the business, the business can sign a contract with the headquarters.

3, store decoration. After a few weeks to determine the point, happy lemon headquarters will tailor the design drawings for businesses, businesses simply look for local construction units in accordance with the drawings for specific work. After the completion of the business, will be reviewed to ensure that the shop meets the standards.

4, recruitment training. In the renovation work is about two weeks before the technology, the business can apply to the headquarters training, and in the headquarters of the support of the recruitment of staff. The end, and also can choose the right place to accept the headquarters of professional and technical, management and other aspects of the guidance.

5, preparation details. After the end of the decoration business, the need for goods procurement, equipment installation, documentation and other details of the work. If you do not understand the place, you can consult the headquarters.

5, official business. After everything is ready, the business needs a certain period of trial operation, the timely detection of the store’s problems, improve the service and equipment in the store and other aspects of the problem, to ensure the smooth operation of the official. When the trial business Shun Shun, businesses can operate with the support of the store official.

successful entrepreneurial life, from the choice of the right to join the project, the choice of happy lemon stores, headquarters will provide a wide range of entrepreneurial support to ensure that your entrepreneurial success. As long as the above happy lemon join process in Huangpu District, no matter how many obstacles, you can successy break through the assistance of the headquarters. A good project is waiting for you, hurry up!

do not know after reading the above introduction, you happy lemon Huangpu District

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