Join Lei Ming Lighting has what advantage would the whole

environmentally friendly energy-saving lighting choice, the best choice for quality of life. Small business should choose what kind of join good project? How about the lighting? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. How about joining the Ming Lighting? Market opportunities are very good, what are you still hesitating?

Lei Ming Lighting processing LED lights, a range of intelligent LED lights can do, energy saving, power saving, long life, high luminous efficiency. Office buildings, factories, shopping malls, performing arts stage, home lighting, everywhere needs.

more energy saving: in the premise of the same illumination, than conventional fluorescent lamp power up to 80%.

more environmentally friendly: LED fluorescent lamp does not contain lead, mercury and other harmful substances, is a real environmental protection products.

long life: LED the actual life of the general light source several times or even ten times.

ray: LED fluorescent light source no mercury, no UV light in the beam does not attract mosquitoes.

no noise: LED fluorescent lamp does not use ballast, fundamentally eliminate annoying hum sound.

no strobe: solid light source, no stroboscopic, effective protection of vision.

utilization rate is high: LED has a strong luminous direction, high flux utilization, and small size.

power supply: DC low-voltage power supply, AC power supply, but also with the perfect combination of solar energy.

high color: color rendering index of more than 85, close to the sun, to restore the true color of the subject.

fast start: free from start-up temperature limit, transient start, several ms achieve flux output.

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