54 on the eve of Luo Huining’s in depth investigation of corporate communities in Hainan county scho

recently, the Hainan provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining depth enterprises, communities, schools, deep Huazhou county reform research, and visit the young students and the Communist Youth League and the enterprise staff, to extend holiday greetings to the young people of all circles.

long cloud flying snow, blue sky. Gonghe County, the ecological solar power park, surrounded by trees, grass spit green, endless photovoltaic panels, a harmonious scene with the human nature. Luo Huining boarded the sightseeing platform to look at the whole picture, into the photovoltaic array bent grass growth, understanding the impact of wind speed, evaporation changes on the environment. See the old Tara desolate beach, has built the first million kilowatts of power generation and repair the ecological garden, led the people to get rich, to promote the development of ethnic areas, Luo Huining pleased to say that the development of photovoltaic industry in the effective use of the semi desert land, too, there is hope, a bright future. He encouraged enterprises to make persistent efforts to continue to lead the province’s new energy development. Qia Bu Qia town is carrying out a pilot reform on management responsibilities. Luo Huining walked into the service hall, to understand the specific content of the reform, to observe the convenience window, pointed out that the township is a comprehensive reform of the rights and responsibilities of the deepening of the reform of the township, to deal with the relationship between the good and better serve the people. Luo Huining also carried out a study of two learning to do a research on education, emphasizing the current party branch secretary training should be carried out, the implementation of a comprehensive strict party to every branch. In the observation of the business market, the people of all ethnic groups gathered in the streets, Luo Huining came forward to shake hands with everyone, greetings.

54 is approaching. In Hainan occupation technical school, the students are devoted to the study of automobile maintenance, advertising design course, Luo Huining went to the teachers and students in the middle, concern inquiry learning and living conditions, the school must strengthen the ideological and political work and promote students’ all-round development practices. In 2013, the school graduates in Hubei Han Han Dojekua save lives drowning female students, the glorious sacrifice. Luo Huining said with deep feeling, he is the pride of the Communist Youth league. To promote his spirit, inspire young people to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream. Luo Huining encouraged the students: to look at the country, the development of all mankind, the ideal of the individual and the country, the cause of the nation closely together, in the construction of the home, serving the masses to achieve the value of life."

During the

, Luo Huining chaired a number of state and county reform forum. Haixi, Hainan, Haibei, Huangnan, Tongren County, Haiyan County, Gonghe County responsible comrades made a statement, Luo Huining often comments, interact with everyone. Luo Huining affirmed the achievements of the reform of the county, analyzed the existing problems and the situation facing the task. He pointed out that the party committees and governments at all levels should effectively enhance the overall awareness of deepening reform, good use of reform to promote work. To adhere to the problem oriented traction reform, continue to crack development problems, and promote the work of new achievements. To mobilize the masses to actively participate in the reform, listen to the views of the masses, to stimulate the vitality of grassroots innovation, so that the results of reform continue to benefit the people of all ethnic groups.

Ma Shunqing to participate in research and discussion forum.


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