Beauty oral products efficacy needs to be rational treatment of consumers

beautiful, in our lives, has been very popular choice. Beauty is the nature of each and every one of us, want to perfect skin, presumably different consumers will have different choices. Cosmetic oral products? Although good, but the effect we need extra attention. As consumers, we must be rational treatment!

beauty oral products sought after by

collagen products has been the protagonist of skin care. Nowadays, not only the major brands have launched a variety of collagen rich skin care products, all kinds of collagen capsules and collagen oral liquid and other oral beauty products advertising is overwhelming. As a collagen oral liquid says it is a small molecule, easy absorption, good taste, pure natural, collagen content up to 8000 mg per bottle, the loss to human daily full complement of collagen, make the skin becomes soft and white. Under the bombing of advertising, 24 year old Miss Lee has become a loyal fan of this product, the monthly income of $3000 per month to spend nearly $2000 to buy the product. However, after a few months, the effect of the product is not very sure about Miss Lee: "no change in the feeling of skin, with almost before taking."

in addition to a variety of oral known whitening collagen cosmetics, a claim that "eating can make people become" sweet "incense pill" is now very popular by many young women’s pursuit. Who lives in Beijing, Shijingshan District Jia told reporters that she wanted to try to try, if I eat really can become "Fei", so she spent money every month taking money.

reporter in the online search found that all kinds of "incense body pill" numerous. In a shopping site, as long as the key word "incense body pill", you can get dozens of search results, which "body pill" to 30 days of food consumption, the price of a few hundred dollars. Reporters found that the nominal "incense pill" are main components of rose essential oil, olive oil, gelatin, glycerin, spices, gardenia pigment, and product packaging are Japanese, not Chinese label. The seller of the product claims that the product is a direct purchase of health food from Japan, which is not available in the Chinese market. Another part of the body with the pill "jasmine flower, honey, honeysuckle, angelica, astragalus, rehmannia and other herbs to make, but the seller does not indicate this product is a drug or food, in the reporter’s questioning, some sellers claimed that this is their food preparation. He claimed to be a registered pharmacist seller told reporters, for a period of time after taking the capsule with the composition of human metabolism after penetrate the body, the body will naturally emit jasmine, even the sweat is fragrant! He said, these products sell well, have time to sell dozens of boxes month, sales better when summer. However, the reporter visited Beijing some supermarkets and cosmetic counters, did not find similar products for sale.

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