6 village farmland Chengbei District Xining city water overflows golden hill

A heavy rainfall

7 month on the evening of 29 in Xining city by twenty in Chengbei District 6 Village Pu Zhen a large area of farmland flooded, greenhouse serious collapse, part of the village the danger, some housing seepage, preliminary statistics, the direct economic loss of 2 million 100 thousand yuan.
it is understood that in late July 29th twenty in the town of 6 villages in different degrees by heavy rainfall attacks, which affected 330 acres of rape small village, 300 acres of wheat were affected, the loss of 133 thousand yuan; Mo Jia Cun rape affected 87 acres, 62 acres of wheat were affected, the loss of 27 thousand yuan; Garden Village 266 acres of rape victims wheat, 166 acres, the loss of 67 thousand yuan; Guo Jia TA Cun rape affected 90 acres, 61 acres of wheat were affected, the loss of 23 thousand and 600 yuan. Double Su Bao Cun three houses collapsed, but fortunately no casualties. In addition, twenty in the town of greenhouse was severely damaged, damaged walls 150 meters, 120 greenhouses destroyed 15 houses severely damaged, greenhouse plants serious water, direct losses of 1 million 500 thousand yuan. Heavy rainfall caused hamlet village, wolf, Taiwan, Ba Lang kennel garden village flood danger in key locations.
in addition, large number of water of Qinghai University Ning railway intersection, as of press time, the water is still a serious influence on traffic and travel of the masses. North District flood control personnel launched an emergency plan for the first time in the field, see the danger and the command, eliminate water, transfer and farmers affected more than 20 people. (author: Fang Xu)


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