12366 tax service hotline running two months since answering traffic 118

day before starting in the Xining area "Twentieth tax xuanchuanyue" ceremony, the Qinghai tax system of the 12366 service hotline officially launched, marking the province’s taxpayers through the 12366 tax service system at any time and place for the tax department of the tax service in a timely manner.

Qinghai provincial tax system 12366 service hotline is the "12366" special service number as the carrier, the use of modern information technology, for the community to provide tax services integrated system. Qinghai Province as an important window for taxpayers to the tax authorities, 12366 service hotline by fax, send the tape to the taxpayers tax publicity knowledge, explain various tax related matters, accepting illegal tax cases reported to tax authorities and their staff violations complaints, provides a bridge convenient, fast and efficient and the link for the taxpayer to communicate with the tax authorities. Since the trial run in February 28th this year, the Qinghai provincial tax system 12366 service hotline to abide by the commitment to provide uninterrupted tax service, improve work efficiency. As of March 31st, 118 phone calls.


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