Xining trade and industry to investigate the sale of counterfeit motorcycle accessories from two cas

is not only no difference between the packaging and genuine, even the product origin, production date, security signs and other information is readily available. Recently, Xining City, the East Branch of industrial and commercial Industrial and Commercial Bureau train station and the two cases of selling fake motorcycle parts case, worth about forty thousand yuan.

in March 9th, 10, in the market inspection, the business of law enforcement officers in Qilian road Xining motorcycle aluminum market 379 No. -119 found a fake "Zongshen" brand of motorcycle accessories train station, including engine piston, etc. a total of 20 motorcycle 557 suite. Law enforcement officers on the spot seized parts, and found these accessories not only packaging and authentic accessories not what difference, and products of origin, production date, security signs and other products that are difficult to identify the authenticity of the information Goods are available in all varieties., and only professionals through professional means to distinguish. According to reports, the price of counterfeit motorcycle accessories lower than authentic products, favored by unscrupulous merchants. The business sector to remind consumers, fake motorcycle accessories, anti vibration, anti friction, anti pressure performance is poor, easy corrosion, easy to aging, is likely to cause unintended consequences in the driving process, It is often seen. in recent years due to the brakes, engine failure caused by traffic accidents.


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