The national innovation city has become a common practice in the West District

"I civilization, I comity, I sacrifice my happiness" civilized behavior, begin from me, start from now, careful people found, Xining City West District recently high streets and back lanes more than a group of ingenious, eye-catching colors create city public service ads, reminding the public to become civilized people. Always encouraged citizens to participate in the activities of establishing civilization. It is reported that this is the west end of the city launched a battle launched another move.

to improve the public awareness of the city, the support rate, fully mobilize the public to participate in the creation of the city this year, the city of the West District hit a more focused around the city to focus on cohesion, expand awareness, strengthen publicity. As of now, the district made close to life, novel and beautiful, loved by the masses of a city, a city public service ads posted timely proposal, 20 thousand copies of posters, have been posted in the area, school, community, family member courtyard door and unit building high-rise building elevator; combined with the "civilized behavior" advertisement promotional activities in the Yellow River Road, Tongren Road, 54 Road, cross road victory Xikou and other eye-catching lots and bus stop kiosks set up nearly 1000 square meters of civilized behavior public service advertisements, street stores, hotels, the hotel entrance continue scrolling LED display a city public publicity, create atmosphere increasingly strong.

at the same time, the west area to further enrich the activities to create a public carrier, carry out the "civilized civilized behavior" pictures, video collection activities; to carry out voluntary service activities to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng as the theme, in the cool tiger Tainan ruins park established the first "Lei Feng" commonweal theme park, park lamp set all Lei Feng a city and public welfare publicity slogans. A city built in the publicity Street Lane, a lane in the Xishan built "Lei Feng cultural propaganda" theme in the gallery, Sina micro-blog launched the "Lei Feng" topic, transfer the spirit of Lei Feng with real vivid stories, promote mutual friendly fresh air; tissue area cadres and the masses of people volunteers, nearly 2000 people to carry out clean homes and create civilization, volunteers in action in the area, set off a new upsurge of universal participation in the creation of national civilized city.

reporter interviewed found in West District, as a city development, take the initiative to care for and consciously participate in a city in the area of the masses of the people in the fashion, to create a city for everyone, a city by the good atmosphere of everyone. (author: Zhang Xi Tao)

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