The new environmental law bite to live in illegal environment

203 companies issued a deadline for rectification of the decision, issued a decision on the administrative penalty of 54 companies, the amount of punishment of about $3 million 800 thousand…… Provincial Environmental Protection Department on June 4th released a set of figures, known as the teeth of the new environmental law in this year from January to May has been bitten by a lot of environmental offenders.

According to reports, since the implementation of the new environmental law, the province’s environmental protection departments at all levels to increase the implementation of the new environmental law enforcement efforts, adhere to the full coverage, zero tolerance, iron pollution, severely crack down on environmental violations. The province’s cities (prefectures), county environmental protection departments to carry out environmental protection inspection, a total of 8321 people were dispatched to check the industrial enterprises and construction projects of 2459. Overall, the focus of the park, key enterprises in accordance with the basic requirements of the new environmental law, strict implementation of environmental protection responsibilities, but there are still excessive emissions of individual enterprises and environmental protection facilities are not functioning properly.

the first case of environmental violations due to the person in charge of administrative detention cases

Minhe County Environmental Protection Bureau of illegal dredging cause water sluice gate downstream of the Huangshui River affected Venus hydropower station to the administrative punishment, and start the environmental administrative law enforcement and justice mechanisms, Minhe County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law on Venus hydropower legal administrative detention, the case is the first in our province because of environmental violations by the responsible person of the enterprise administrative detention cases.

the first implementation of the daily penalty, seizure and seizure of environmental violations

Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Qinghai gelatin Limited by Share Ltd and Qinghai nature carpet yarn Co., wastewater emissions exceed the standard of environmental law cases, were implemented in consecutive daily fines and compulsory seizure, the case is the province’s first implementation of the "daily penalty" and "sequestration" measures of environmental law cases.

the first case of environmental crimes transferred to judicial organs

Environmental law cases

Golmud Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Qinghai xinghaixing chemical limited liability company kangaroo underground pipe and pits discharge wastewater containing chromium to wasteland, the decision of administrative penalty of a fine of 500 thousand yuan, and transferred to judicial organs for its alleged crime, has been by the Golmud municipal public security organs of the main responsible person responsible and in charge of production the implementation of criminal detention, according to the program being held criminally responsible, the case for environmental crimes in our province first transferred to the judicial organ.


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