West District of Xining City the third industry steady growth

in the west, the third industry thriving, in the three industrial structure, the proportion of the third industry accounted for more than 90%. In the first quarter of this year, the added value of the third industries in the region was $3 billion 450 million, an increase of 9%, stimulating economic growth of 8.6 percentage points, becoming the main force driving economic growth in the region.

at present, the third industry has become the main engine of economic growth in the western region. This year, the area around the building of modern service industry in the core area of the target location, with the construction of the province’s financial gathering area, headquarters economy gathering area and the city’s e-commerce center as the starting point, and actively cultivate and develop the financial insurance, headquarters economy, e-commerce, information transmission, cultural and creative as the leading modern service industry, to improve the modern service industry.

at the same time, increase the service center three production investment, and actively lead into the enterprise in a number of modern service industry, to build a modern service industry incubator; accelerate the building of headquarters economy, give full play to the role of building information management platform, overall planning of industrial layout, attract more corporate headquarters and building enterprises settled in the west, forming good situation of headquarters economy leading, industry extension, cluster together.

In addition to

, the national service industry pilot city construction opportunities, continue to do a good job focusing on district construction of sunning Plaza and sea lake central business district, perfect commercial Xiang Jia Hao International Plaza Service function, promote commercial Richpower lane two engineering and sunning Plaza Mall and other key business projects, and actively promote the construction of large commercial complex. Strive to cultivate new economic growth point; to create the National Tourism standardization demonstration area as an opportunity to use the tourist season, carefully organize the West District Cultural Tourism Festival series of activities, strengthen the tourism environmental comprehensive renovation, to promote the development of the modern service industry.


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