Xining families are willing to spend money on Education

In order not to let the children lose at the starting line, Xining parents to spend more and more money on education. Just one year old children need to be on the two classes every week, five or six year old children’s love to take up too much time to play, they have to learn the piano, some learn guzheng, some learn painting, some learn to go, etc.. Wait for the child to the junior high school, parents also need to find the school for their after-school tutoring. Reporters from the National Bureau of investigation team was informed that in 2015, Xining City, a large share of the family education spending in the early childhood education, tutoring, education services prices rose 7%.

has entered the winter, but in the streets, we can still see the students go to school carrying a bag. February 17th, just after the Spring Festival holiday, the city is located in the West Main Street, a training school has commenced. During the interview, Ms. Xu told reporters: this holiday, my child made up two courses, spent more than 2000 yuan. We also want to see the child’s physical and mental health, happy growth, but we do not dare to gamble, afraid of children lose. So we have to increase investment in education, so that the child’s starting line is constantly on the front."  

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