Xining migrant workers assistance action plan to help migrant workers solve problems

recently, the Xining Federation of trade unions launched the migrant workers assistance action plan to help migrant workers solve problems encountered in employment, entrepreneurship, training, rights and other aspects.

December 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining Federation of trade unions, as of now, Xining labor export migrant workers has reached 264 thousand people, of which the city’s 248 thousand trade union members, migrant workers there are members of the group of 102 thousand. For the long-term mechanism of the problem of migrant workers in Xining City Federation of trade unions to actively promote community (Village), industry and regional trade unions and trade unions in non-public enterprises set up the pace, to maximize the migrant workers into trade unions, in order to safeguard the rights and interests of migrant workers. At present, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions has a relationship with the 20 national intercity Rights Union City, sincere service is difficult for migrant workers, migrant workers migrant workers share, smooth channels of interest demands.

Xining trade unions at all levels to help rescue workers and migrant workers to return to work as the focus, to provide them with one-stop help and rights services to help solve their practical difficulties. Through the menu, order oriented, oriented skills training to enhance the employability of migrant workers and the ability to develop. At the same time, and actively carry out as migrant workers send " culture, send health, legal " activities held condolences performances, film screenings, book donation, free clinic and other activities in the whole society to create a strong atmosphere of caring for migrant workers.


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