Wisdom tourism Qinghai 4A scenic spots above 5 years after the free WF

The future, our province will vigorously develop the wisdom of tourism, actively promote the "Internet plus tourism", accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive information service platform in traffic, weather, public security, traffic information as a whole, to achieve as soon as possible attractions tickets, accommodation and catering, tourism shopping, car rental reservation and payment in line. Accelerate the construction of a number of city of wisdom, the wisdom of the area, and strive to 2020, Xining, Haidong, into the national pilot smart city of Golmud, Guide, Republic of the wisdom of the city built, all above 4A level scenic spots to achieve the free WIFI function, tour guides, electronic explanation, information pushing, enhance the tourism service level of informationization and modernization.

the province will do the area information, traffic grooming services, establish and improve the emergency response area, the peak of passenger flow mechanism, strengthen the tourism accident prevention, to ensure the safe and orderly tourism.  

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