The government appointed 10 inspectors to jieduan

Recently, Li Binghan, Ma Yumei, Chen Fenglian, Zhou Ling, Li Yulin and other 10 people were Chengdong District People Club Bureau appointed members of the Council and the supervision of the masses issued letters of appointment to attend the first Jieduan forum, beginning of the agency’s work style, administrative efficiency supervision, appraisal opinions, advice, to find the problem, problem solving process, and improve the ability and level of government window units to serve the people.

10 members of the Council is responsible for supervision of the masses: collect opinions and suggestions to the masses of people club Bureau; the Bureau of cadres and workers of public affairs, government commitment, work time, service attitude, standardized terminology, work efficiency, service attitude and thorough investigation; bad style and act for the Bureau of cadres and workers to report complaints. On this basis, the supervision of the Council members will not participate in the forum, to reflect the problem, feedback, summary advice. The Council will monitor the problems found by members of the Council, the opinions and suggestions made to solve the problem, and effectively change the style of work, improve the level and quality of service to the masses. It is reported that the Bureau hired 10 people including members of the supervision Council party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, retired cadres, representatives of residents, community workers, cadres, workers, entrepreneurs, their long-term performance of their duties, in order to promote the "four winds" problem.  

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