Xining City Board of Education held a summary of the 2010 annual education projects cum educational

Xining City Bureau of education project work meeting, summed up the 2010 year of the work of the deployment of education projects in 2011

Xining City Bureau of education project work meeting, summed up the 2010 annual education work arrangements for the 2011 education project. City Board of education, Municipal Supervision Bureau, and the project of the school, the supervision of the construction unit of the person in charge of more than 90 people attended the meeting.

meeting summed up the project construction work in 2010, in recognition of the 2010 projects in the construction of the outstanding performance of the supervision, construction units and outstanding individuals, the work of the deployment of the year 2011 education projects. To further clarify the division of tasks and responsibilities in the participation of all parties in the process of project construction requirements and deadlines.

will be listed Education Bureau on the 2011 education from the five aspects of quality, safety, integrity, moral management, and puts forward some requirements for all units: one is the school project involving thousands of households, the work should not have the slightest slack can not be self serving, the education of project management will be universally condemned, then dereliction of duty". The two is the unit last year for lack of existence, and earnestly strengthen their own management, to do, every aspect of the project do fine. The three is to build a first-class education projects, quality projects. The four is the person in charge of the project to strengthen the contacts and school learning in school construction, should bear the responsibility, obligation of innocence, understand the work, strict implementation of the project, and the relevant requirements in "ten prohibitions".

participants have said that in 2011 the construction work, will be more enthusiastic, more careful and meticulous work attitude, to devote more resources to the education of key project construction work, strengthen management capabilities, standardized system behavior, and strengthen the process of tracking, improve the integrity of construction, development of education services the cause of the.




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