Qinghai to further improve the grading system

Since the implementation of the province in October 2013 since the grading system, has been hospitalized patients to the grassroots level, health care costs tend to be reasonable initial results. In February 20th, the office of the provincial government issued the "opinions on further improving the treatment classification system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to further simplify the referral procedures, norms in different places of residence etc. the insured people referral procedures of the relevant provisions, in order to further improve the classification treatment system, to simplify the process of service, standardize the medical behavior and to ease the burden of medical costs, accelerate the formation of the first primary diagnosis, grading clinics, two-way referral medical new pattern, effectively alleviate the difficult and expensive problem.

"opinions" are as follows:

further simplified referral procedures

– cancel the designated medical institutions responsible person signature approval procedures. Inpatient referral, designated medical institutions in Qinghai province ", health care workers and rural residents grade clinic referral certificate", designated medical institutions responsible person without the approval, by the patient’s doctor stamped signature, designated medical institutions medical insurance office approval; community health service center of township hospital, by the unit responsible person signed and sealed.

– cancel the medical insurance management department approval procedures. When the patient is transferred to the hospital, the medical insurance agency is no longer on the referral certificate for approval, designated medical institutions at the end of the month will be submitted to the referral of the overall situation of the regional health insurance management department for the record.

– gradually implement online booking referral. Accelerate the information network of medical institutions and medical insurance agency information network interconnection, and encourage qualified areas to implement online appointment referral.

specification in different places of residence etc. the insured people referral program

– people living in different places of the referral program. Retired workers, migrant workers, students and other staff and their families and other places of residence of the insured population, the referral program is: outside the residence, executed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the original insured health insurance administration area; living in different places in the province, with reference to the implementation of residential area classification system of the relevant provisions of the referral diagnosis and treatment.

– special crowd referral program. The special crowd mainly refers to the medical people need special care, such as more than 70 years old, 0 years old to 3 years old infants, with severe disabilities, according to the nearest medical treatment principle, choose the designated medical institutions for treatment.

– the same disease again hospitalized patient selection. Patients with a particular disease with hospitalization and after discharge formalities, as a kind of diseases to be hospitalized again, follow-up (such as cancer chemotherapy, need to remove the plate fracture etc.), patients can be designated medical institutions directly select the original rule for treatment.

– do not have a referral area referral program. Overall area two designated medical institutions, according to the nearest medical treatment principle insured patients transferred, can choose two designated medical institutions and outside the region or directly select the three designated medical institutions for medical treatment.


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