Sina named the first half of the province’s ten major government micro blog north of the city on the

recently, north of the city of Xining city district official micro-blog "north of the city government, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Maqin county official micro-blog" Anima Qing tourism "ten government official micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog won by for the first half of 2012 in Qinghai Province, the ten most influential government agencies micro-blog award.

government micro-blog as a new channel of communication between government agencies and the public, a new way of service, widely loved by the masses. In March this year, the north of the city government through Sina and Sohu platform, opened the province’s first district level official micro-blog – north of the city government, while opening a government forum in the north of the city government".

north of the city district government and micro-blog forum open to open government information more timely, more transparent and more interactive, in addition to the society issued policy documents and information service, the public also loved the way and easy language, in-depth interpretation of the relevant government information, emergency information and policy. To clarify the facts, to dispel misunderstanding.

in addition to the "north of the city government, the official micro-blog" NYEMAQEN Maqing County Tourism and other nine government official micro-blog, was also named the province’s ten most influential government agencies and micro-blog, "NYEMAQEN tourism" is the only award tourism official micro-blog. (author: Peng Nafan health building)

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