The rapid detection of edible agricultural products market has a unified standard

in the province’s large farmers market and the completion of ultra fast food inspection station is one of the important contents of the livelihood of the people’s livelihood this year, the provincial government identified ten facts. Recently, the provincial government for the implementation of the people’s livelihood division of tasks, promises to strengthen the market of edible agricultural products market supervision, the provincial food and Drug Administration issued a "rapid detection system" market of agricultural products, food, edible agricultural products and to develop a unified rapid detection of rapid detection and identification of publicity column chamber of edible agricultural products. This is the reporter learned from the provincial food and drug administration.

It is reported that

in the future, farmers market and super offering is the first responsibility of food quality and safety of agricultural products, equipped with inspection equipment and inspection personnel, or entrust a food inspection agency qualified to carry out sampling inspection of edible agricultural products, or rapid detection. The market operating households should to the market operators provide edible agricultural products quality and safety inspection (quarantine) certificate, or pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic agricultural products, geographical indications of agricultural products quality and safety certification certificate copy, no certificate of origin of edible agricultural products entering the wholesale market, the market will be opened testing, inspection qualified rear can be sold.


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