The provincial capital of Xining will be officially opened a new version of the new commercial housi

Recently, the reporter learned from the Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority, in accordance with the state housing and urban construction department, Xining city housing security and the housing authority on October 12, 2015 officially opened the 2014 edition of "commercial housing sales contracts", October 12, 2015 Xining city commercial housing sales contract system will be signed version update. New commercial housing sales contracts with nine highlights:

the new contract One divides into two.

new version of the contract of sale of commercial housing will be clearly divided into pre-sale and the sale of two versions. Because there are many unpredictable factors of pre-sale of commercial housing, and the old version of the model text of the contract is not on the pre-sale and are sold to make a distinction, the terms of the contract design is not clear, the difference between the two interpretations can not effectively, to avoid this phenomenon, so will the new contract form One divides into two. pre-sale contracts and sales contracts, two version.

version of real estate contract to improve the basic conditions of commercial housing contract, the number of commercial housing balcony is closed and made a detailed agreement.

also increased the new commercial housing mortgage, housing rights and the legal responsibility of contract breach of promise.

new contract to strengthen the pre-sale financial supervision, new commercial housing pre-sale Fangjiakuan shall be deposited in the escrow account funds for construction and the development of enterprises released regulatory agencies, regulatory accounts and account agreement. This will strengthen the use of pre-sale funds for the development of enterprise supervision, so the development of enterprises with rule-based, can effectively avoid the volume of unfinished building, the development of enterprises run away phenomenon. Clear commercial housing delivery conditions and delivery procedures

the new revision of the "commercial housing sales contracts" clearly commercial housing delivery has been made at least meet the completion of the construction project for the certification materials and housing survey report, but also clear the housing delivery infrastructure facilities and public services and other ancillary facilities should meet the standards.   

the new revision of the "commercial housing sales contracts increased prior to the completion of the delivery of commercial housing, buyers have the right to check the terms of commercial housing. In real life, the owners have not signed the property management agreement before the field can not be. Therefore, the owners after the completion of the formalities, even if the quality of the housing inspection, many developers are not to be repaired or processed. Prior to the inspection of the housing sector to increase delivery, to weaken the developers sold the house on the idea, to better protect the interests of buyers.


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