Thanks to the government thanks to the party petition department for 22 retired workers seek justice

In September 6th, 22 retired from the original Xining halal food factory workers will write "thank the government to thank the party, thanks to the good work done" plaque to the City Council, thank them for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of retired workers.

this June 6th morning, Xining halal food plant personnel to the municipal government petition, they reflect the original Xining halal food factory in enterprises has reached the retirement age of workers were one-time placement, after the Chinese company coordination, these workers will be a compensation settlement out to social security, according to the former Ministry of labor in 1995 issued the document No. 262 "on May of retirees from enterprises to take a one-time settlement of retired notice", the staff believes this approach enterprises one-time placement of retired workers is not reasonable, 18 months from retirement to join and asking for social security wages during the. After understanding of the situation, the petition departments and timely report to the relevant leaders, the municipal government attaches great importance to the leadership, under the leadership of the city of the original arrangement, halal food factory workers reflect the situation led by the Municipal Economic Commission, in conjunction with the Municipal Bureau of labor and social security to solve. After investigation, the final 22 retired workers all get the wages. In September 6th, the retired workers will be delighted to plaque sent to the City Council, thanks to the government in such a short period of time for them to solve this problem. (author: Zhao Linsong)


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