Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee enlarged meeting

8 17, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting to convey the spirit of the provincial Party committee to learn the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the twelve. Party secretary Mu Dongsheng presided over the meeting and put forward the requirements of the study and implementation. Deng Bentai, deputy secretary of the Party group, Suning, Party members of the group, Cao Wenhu, Ma Wei, Jia Yingzhong attended the meeting. Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee cadres attended the meeting.

Mu Dongsheng pointed out that technological innovation should focus on the strategic objectives and priorities, to further clarify ideas, point to the work of the NPC and the innovation driven development strategy, actively promote the reform in the field of National People’s Congress, the rule of law provides the powerful guarantee for the innovation of out of line with the actual situation in our province driven development road.

Mu Dongsheng, the provincial people’s Congress Party organizations at all levels and all Party members and cadres to a high degree of political consciousness, conscious thought and conscious action, seriously study and understand, grasp the spirit; to focus on the goals and tasks, to promote the work of the NPC; to strengthen the play for, strengthen its own construction. The second half of the work tasks, we need to focus on the work of the deployment, provincial chairman of the spirit, do solid work, the full completion of the objectives and tasks to promote the Provincial Standing Committee, the NPC and its Standing Committee and agencies work continuously made new progress.


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