Promote environmental protection clean travel to promote the province’s natural gas vehicles

In order to promote environmental protection, clean way of travel, try to avoid the pollution caused by automobile exhaust to the environment, and now all over the country are vigorously promoting clean natural gas vehicles. In August 25th the reporter learned from the Provincial Transportation Bureau, currently the province is also widely used in the road transport industry of natural gas vehicles.

it is reported that in order to respond positively to the national call for development of green recycling carbon transport, to ensure that our province energy-saving emission reduction targets are completed, the road transport enterprises to actively eliminate old fuel vehicles, increase capital investment, the purchase of natural gas vehicles. In 2015, a total of two transport enterprises in the province to apply to the Ministry of transport green transportation equipment projects. Among them, Xining City Public Transport Co. Ltd. and Weiyuan shipping group mutual Transportation Co. Ltd., a total investment of 18 million 121 thousand and 400 yuan to purchase natural gas (CNG) vehicles 118, used to update the old fuel vehicles and meet new capacity requirements, by the Ministry of transport inspection, public transportation, total national energy saving and emission reduction projects of special topics financial support of 420 thousand yuan, to the leading role for the province of other transport enterprises in energy-saving emission reduction work, effectively promote the natural gas vehicles in our province rapid promotion. Up to now, the province’s total number of 3363 buses, alternative fuel buses, accounting for 6.4% of the total number of buses: a total of 3901 vehicles, natural gas vehicles, accounting for about 65% of the number of taxis: a total of 12749, natural gas vehicles: 9436, accounting for about 74% of the total number of vehicles, accounting for about 218.

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