The world’s top 500 enterprises and Xining has a new cooperation Datang nternational hand east dist

following the cooperation with the world’s largest retailer of WAL-MART, the afternoon of November 19th, East District and the world’s top 500 enterprises of Datang International Power Generation Co, signed the "2× Datang International Xining City East District; 350 MW cogeneration project cooperation agreement. The investment of 3 billion yuan of cogeneration project will be built in the Eastern District of Jianguo Road Business District, Cao and Dongchuan economic and Technological Development Zone to provide centralized heating area of up to 14 million square meters.

at present, there are mainly two kinds of heating mode in east area, namely parts of heating and gas boiler for household heating, except outside the area basically no Zhou Jiaquan super large central heating system. Therefore, after contact, East District and Datang International Power Generation Co reached a cooperation agreement, decided to build 2× in the "12th Five-Year" period; 350 MW cogeneration project, after completion of the project is mainly responsible for the heating and power centralized East District of Dongchuan economic and Technological Development Zone, in order to meet the demand of heat and power with the new East District, and can supply power to the grid, can improve the city air quality.

Datang International Power Generation Co was founded in 1994, is China Datang Group Holdings in London, Hongkong, Shanghai three listed companies, the registered capital of RMB 11 billion 695 million yuan. As of now, has a wholly-owned holding company 48, eleven industrial operations involving power generation, coal and chemical industry, metallurgy, transportation assets five areas, covering 23 provinces, the total assets of more than 244 billion yuan, in 2011 the "Financial Times" named "the world’s top 500 enterprises". (author: Zhou Jianping)

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