The data show that the fog did not affect the air quality in Xining yesterday

yesterday, Xining was shrouded in white mist. However, the impact of fog on air quality in Xining is not obvious. Data show that yesterday, 8 to 20, the Xining air quality index hovering between 50 to 200, little volatility.

yesterday, Xining rare fog days, get up early to go to work, like snow, feeling very wet very stuffy." Zhu said the public. According to data released by the national environmental monitoring website, yesterday 20, Xining air quality index was 130, belonging to mild pollution. The air quality of the four monitoring points is very different. The air quality index of Xining environmental monitoring station was 48, and the monitoring point of provincial medicine warehouse was 139. The monitoring point of the army hospital was 99, and the monitoring point of the water treatment plant in the fifth was about 153, which was about fourth. From the past few days, the air quality index can be seen, affected by the November 9th snow at night, 10 days of air quality improved significantly, the air quality index was down to about 20. However, as temperatures rise, the air quality index has gradually improved. From 10 to 11 on the day of 20 to 13, Xining air quality between good and mild pollution. Comprehensive analysis can be seen, yesterday’s heavy fog on the air quality in Xining is very small.


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