Xining CPPCC members to focus on social hot speech

  January 5th, the fourth meeting of the Xining Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference held the second session of the general assembly, the general assembly to speak on behalf of the general assembly, the thirteenth session of the general assembly. 6 members were around the cultivated land resources in the construction of democracy, maintain, the old service industry, the construction of county towns, the development of non-public economy, strengthen grass-roots party building and the city’s economic and social development of major issues and hot issues of social concern, build words of wisdom, and a long term.CPPCC Chairman

Li Jinqing, vice president Liu Fade, Tong Dexiang, Zhang Ying, Bai Minde, Fan Xingliang, Baoya attended the meeting. Vice President Ma Ning presided over the meeting.

Vice chairman of the CPPCC

Province Kang, municipal committee, JP Wu Hai, Secretary of the county Party committee will listen to speak.

chairman Hua Sanchun on behalf of the municipal CPPCC Committee for social and legal affairs "to improve grassroots democracy and promote the rule of law work entitled" first made a speech, and to improve the construction of grassroots democracy system recommendations. Zhang Dongtao members combined with the actual research to actively guide the owners of private enterprises to raise awareness of the importance of the construction of the party organization, to strengthen the service management of private enterprises, establish and improve the incentive evaluation system, promote the construction of Party organization with science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship practice.

to promote economic development, accelerate urbanization and other issues have always been concerned about the CPPCC members. Wang Xiaozhong on behalf of the CPPCC Huangzhong committee to accelerate the urbanization of Huangzhong suggestions. Wang Xueli members for the development of non-public economy in Xining, prompting rapid economic growth in Xining to make recommendations.

arable land resources, the elderly serve the same problem affects the hearts of members. Zhang Tiejun members on behalf of the 93 Xining municipal society as "rural land abandonment" speech can not be ignored. Wuning on behalf of the construction of the Xining Municipal Committee to promote the city elderly service industry development proposals. In addition, 19 members submitted a written statement. (author: Xu Shunkai)


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