Snow cooling Strong cold air coming

19 days, reporters from the provincial and municipal meteorological station learned that the strong cold air swept, temperatures in the northern area of our province decreased by 2 to 4 DEG C, Xining in 19 to 20 at night during the day there is snow, the 22 day (Friday) in Xining on the highest temperature will be below 0 DEG C, the minimum temperature will be low zero to 17 DEG C.

it is reported that by the eastward movement of cold air, 20 days to 23 days, in most areas of our province have a significant cooling, blowing process, period, our province in southern and northeastern regions have snow weather process. 24, the impact of cold air in our province will be relatively weak, the temperature was a slow recovery trend. Compared with the same period of the calendar year, the province’s most basic normal temperature; precipitation in Yushu, Golog is slightly less than the rest of the province.

the strong cold air will what time to leave? Provincial Meteorological Observatory meteorological experts said, 24, beginning with the departure of cold air, the province began to slowly pick up temperatures. Expected from January 24th to 26, the southern area of our province with scattered light snow or snow shower, rest sunny or cloudy.

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