Airport Expressway race against time

  now the winter, but the airport along the high speed (Xining section) comprehensive environmental remediation site construction scene is particularly warm, more than and 300 large machinery and many workers to participate in the rectification of the general assembly. Based on dust dust on the work of the construction unit, stepping up the construction waste, ready for the next spring for large-scale afforestation.

in the past, after the construction site in Xining in November, almost all into the cat winter state, at present, the airport along the high speed (Xining section) environmental remediation is still hot. In accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, the airport expressway (Xining section) afforestation task will be completed at the end of May 2014 next year, the tourist season when tourists enter Xining, you can feel the charm of the city garden green plateau. December 9th, the city will be completed just after the demolition of 435 acres of land transfer to the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the forestry sector immediately organized personnel to clean up construction waste. In the construction of the measures taken to reduce dust, bare messy mound of land for the specification, and covered with a filter.

with high quality, high standard, high efficiency construction principle, in our city this year to promote the airport expressway (Xining section) comprehensive environmental remediation work, green construction project started construction in April of this year, has completed the Chaoyang, rhyme ieguchi and Xiaoxia upgrade work surrounding landscape three high-speed interchange, tree planting the landscape of rapid completion of the airport 17 km along both sides of the isolation column to enhance the renovation project, planting 8867 trees tall. According to the East District, North District Demolition progress, the municipal forestry department timely follow-up, complete Chaoyang overpass east 140 acres, 21.78 acres on the east side of Chaoyang power plant so many plots of garbage, landfill, backfill soil and planting work. At present, the forestry sector is 861 acres of forest cliff area of land, to pay the village of 435 acres of land for garbage removal and landfill. A plan for the next year the spring began large-scale afforestation, the airport expressway (Xining section) to create a green Yingbin avenue. (author: Xiao Yan)


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