n the first eight months of this year Xining added small and micro enterprises 1795

In September 25th, the reporter from the Xining municipal executive meeting held that, in support of departments at all levels in Xining City, Small and micro businesses are thriving, only eight months ago, Xining city on the new Small and micro businesses 1795. At the end of August, the city of Xining for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households shall be exempt from value-added tax, fee and other expenses amounted to 43 million 605 thousand yuan. In order to better serve small and micro enterprises, Xining will set up small and micro enterprise service center.

this year, with the "opinions" of Xining city Small and micro businesses support the development of Xining City, the implementation of policies and measures to support small and micro enterprise development of the country and province, city of Xining, has achieved initial results. As of now, Xining city has held the Party cadres to carry out financial knowledge training, small business accounting standards training, launched the "enterprise construction project remote public training project, nearly 500 enterprise management personnel are undergoing distance training. At the same time, Xining city has 84 households Small and micro businesses to implement the loan of 522 million 70 thousand yuan, the implementation of various Small and micro businesses support funds 133 million 477 thousand yuan, and another more than and 80 have been declared all kinds of small and micro enterprise development fund project is tracking implementation, will be gradually put in place. In addition, from the relaxation of small and micro enterprises in Xining market access, reduce the cost of entrepreneurship, efficient business registration, entrepreneurship support and other aspects of the implementation of measures to help small and micro enterprises.

the next step, Xining city will increase in personnel and labor, infrastructure, market, enterprises surrounding environment and other aspects of Small and micro businesses helping, while the formation of small and micro enterprise service center, the establishment of long-term mechanism, so that Small and micro businesses helping service standardization, institutionalization and normalization. (author: Wu Yachun)


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