Our province as a green source won the award A Well Known Trademark in China


Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang speech

7 21 months, Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co. Ltd. "lvcaoyuan" and the figure trademark was rated A Well-Known Trademark in China awarding ceremony held in the county, vice governor Wang Lingjun, deputy director of the State Administration of trademark Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chen Wentong, Xining mayor Wang Yubo, municipal committee, county Party Secretary Yan Shujiang and Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Xining Province Datong County, the county government leaders attended the awarding ceremony, awarded to A Well-Known Trademark in China Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co., Ltd. cash 100 thousand yuan reward.

, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Bureau Chen Wentong read the State Administration for Industry and Commerce approved that "approval lvcaoyuan" and the figure trademark A Well-Known Trademark in China, vice governor Wang Lingjun to the Qinghai lvcaoyuan food limited company award. The leadership for Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co. Ltd., the well-known trademark and the national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises two "a gilded signboard" opening, congratulations on its first won the Datong County A Well-Known Trademark in China. The leaders also visited the company’s product exhibition hall and processing workshop, vice governor Wang Lingjun to encourage enterprises as soon as possible through the relevant international certification, go abroad, the Qinghai advantage resources to the world market.

as my beef and mutton processing industry obtained second A Well-Known Trademark in China business startup Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co., the annual output value of less than 3 million yuan, after years of development and growth, the company annual output value has exceeded billion yuan, becoming a leader in beef and mutton food processing enterprises in the province. The company’s use of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau rich and unique resources of beef and mutton, has implemented a comprehensive agricultural development of deep processing of beef and mutton five project construction, built to high standards, carnivorous processing workshop, 8400 square meters of cold storage, the introduction of domestic first-class production and processing equipment more than and 260 sets, built of beef and mutton, frozen goods division of small package, high leisure food yak meat sausage, 4 production lines, products cover all parts of beef and mutton, has formed 4 major categories of more than and 60 varieties. At present, Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co., the company has with Huangnan Henan County, organic livestock products successful marriage, become Henan County organic animal husbandry production enterprises, actively participate in the development of organic livestock products in Henan county.

awarding ceremony

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